Finals Are Finally Over!

2015-12-09 12:51:39 by MythicLullaby13

Been away for a while due to getting project and finals done.

Bring on the winter break!


2015-11-08 15:50:41 by MythicLullaby13

While I have been using this account to play games and watch videos, I haven't posted anything of my own since '08.

I've actually been doing a return to basic animation practice and will be posting them here, on DA, and yourtube.

I look forward to becoming more active on Newgrounds.

P.S: I am known as VulpusxFelidae, or Vulpus-Felidae on other sites. This is actually one of my oldest accounts on the web and I am quite attached to it, so I am not going to open another account here.

So this is my first time on Newgrounds; I know this has been said before, but is true. XD I've wanted to post some flash animations on deviant art, however I have been rather persuaded not to do so. At least for the long animations I want to post.

Well, I have been busy with school and various projects.
I hope to get at least on Flash animation up by the end of this week.

It's fun to be here!